We are a private community of startup founders committed to helping each other succeed.

Membership Criteria

We employ strict criteria for potential founder members to ensure a proper “chemistry” in the network.

  • Age guidelines for Island Founders are:

    • Over: 35
    • Under: 65

    (Exceptions are granted on a case by case basis.)

  • Business revenue of Island Founders when joining should be:

    • Over: $500,000
    • Under: $50,000,000

    (Exceptions are granted on a case by case basis.)

  • Titles for Island Founders should be:

    • Founders
    • CEOs
    • Presidents

    (Exceptions are granted on a case by case basis.)

  • Our maximum membership is 10.

    New members will be considered as membership allows.

We are accepting membership interest through our contact form.

Approval Process

How to Become a Member of Island Founders
1. Application

Apply using our contact form. Tell us about your prior or current startup achievement and industry knowledge, and how you meet the criteria listed above.

Better yet, find out who’s an Island Founder, get to know them, and ask them to sponsor your membership.

2. Review

Island Founders meet monthly and will review applications during each meeting. You will be notified within a week following the monthly meeting of the membership’s decision.

3. Membership Dues

If you are accepted, it will be your responsibility to purchase beverages at the next Island Founders meeting.

4. Membership Rules

Presented upon attendance at first meeting.

About Us

Seasoned Business Professionals Who Like to Network
We are a private community of startup and business founders, CEOs and presidents committed to helping each other succeed through peer mentorship.

Members gain a support network featuring peer advice based on experience and personal introductions to key individuals like investors, customers and vetted service providers.

The benefits are faster, smarter decision making; increased access to growth opportunities; and peace of mind from minimizing personal and business risk. Long-term we are fostering valuable relationships that provide an advantage for a membership current and next business.

The Island Founders is a self-organized group of business professionals that is located on Bainbridge Island, WA. @IslandFounders

Contact Us

How to Reach Island Founders
Contact us through @IslandFounders to inquire about joining the group, or ask one of the current members.

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